Saturday, July 30, 2016

July long overdue post

I've been meaning to post for awhile now but haven't because I couldn't figure out a glitch in my online debt snowball. I finally figured it out! So here's the progress we have made so far.

I'm so excited about this progress. Next month that number should be below 70K! It still seems like a lot of money because it is a lot of money. But to see the amount decrease is amazing. Below is our lovely debt snowball. 

Debt #8 will be paid off in February 2017. Then Debt #1 in April 2017 and Debt #7 in May 2017 (I'll most likely pay it off in April since it's only $11 more). It's amazing for me to see that from having just those 3 debts paid how it impacts the rest of the snowball. I'm excited for us to get to that stage. My husband said to me a couple weeks ago that he noticed his credit score was getting better (not that his is bad in the first place). Paying down some of the balances and not adding more debt is making an impact. And according to the overall progress above were at 23.49% which is almost a quarter of the way there! Can't wait to share our numbers next month.